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English vocabulary exercise

July 6th, 2013 in Vocabulary

In each of the following sentences, one of the words is given in bold. From the given alternatives, choose the word which is nearest in meaning to the bolded word.

1. The country has an abundant supply of fossil fuels.

a) plentiful

b) spacious

c) extensive

d) considerable

2. Computers have made paper work redundant.

a) unnecessary

b) superfluous

c) important

d) ancient

3. The media quickly interpreted her off-the-cuff remarks as a denunciation of government policy.

a) public criticism

b) rebuke

c) scandal

d) violation

4. An inadvertent error in his resume cost him his job.

a) careless

b) accidental

c) intentional

d) unintentional

5. They were totally unaware of the impending danger.

a) threatening

b) imminent

c) terrible

d) possible

6. It was a story about an invasion of aliens.

a) creatures from outer space

b) monsters

c) ghosts

d) vampires

7. When the police questioned him, he gave very incoherent answers.

a) irrational

b) inconsistent

c) irrelevant

d) irritating

8. Only those who are gullible would readily believe every claim that advertisers make.

a) fallible

b) enthusiastic

c) unsuspecting

d) unrealistic

9. She was a headstrong woman.

a) thick-headed

b) obstinate

c) robust

d) vicious

10. She had a Bohemian look.

a) hostile

b) unconventional

c) sinister

d) unfriendly


1. Plentiful; 2. Unnecessary; 3. Public criticism; 4.Unintentional; 5. Imminent; 6. Creatures from outer space; 7. Inconsistent; 8. Unsuspecting; 9. Obstinate; 10. Unconventional