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Joining with a preposition and which

March 27th, 2014 in English Learning

Join each pair of sentence given below with a preposition and which. The phrase that you need to use is indicated in the brackets.

Examples are given below.

The gas stove has developed some defect. We depend on it so much. (on which)

The gas stove on which we depend has developed some defect

Be careful about the person. You are moving closely with him. (with whom)

Be careful about the person with whom you are moving closely.

The Manager was suspended. There were a number of reports against him. (against whom)

The manager against whom there were a number of reports was suspended.

There is a counter at the railway station. We can get information from there. (from where)

There is a counter at the railway station from where we can get information.

He was my schoolmate. I used to play with him as a boy. (with whom)

He was my schoolmate with whom I used to play as a boy.

Cash was entrusted to the new clerk. He is absconding. (to whom)

The new clerk to whom cash was entrusted is absconding.

We rely on public transport. It is not always reliable. (on which)

Public transport on which we rely is not always reliable.

I turned to my friend for assistance. He let me down. (to whom)

My friend to whom I turned for assistance let me down.

There is a huge lake. The entire town draws water from there. (from which)

There is a huge lake from which the entire town draws water.

The candidate lost the election. I worked for him. (for whom)

The candidate for whom I worked lost the election.

Many complaints have been received against the officer. He has been suspended. (against whom)

The officer against whom many complaints have been received has been suspended.