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Common Errors in the Use of Prepositions

January 14th, 2010 in Common Mistakes

Incorrect: He loves with me.
Correct: He loves me.

Incorrect: We discussed about the matter.
Correct: We discussed the matter.

Incorrect: We reached at the airport at 9 pm.

Correct: We reached the airport at 9 pm.

Incorrect: I have ordered for his dismissal.
Correct: I have ordered his dismissal.

Incorrect: He married with his friend’s sister.
Correct: He married his friend’s sister.

Incorrect: She entered into the room.
Correct: She entered the room.

Incorrect: The child resembles to its mother.
Correct: The child resembles its mother.

Incorrect: He is intelligence, but he lacks of experience.
Correct: He is intelligence but he lacks experience


Verbs such as enter, resemble, lack, discuss, marry, reach, order and approach are normally followed by direct objects without prepositions.

Incorrect: What is the time in your watch?
Correct: What is the time by your watch?

Incorrect: We traveled in train.
Correct: We traveled by train.


We write by train/car/bike/boat/plane/land/sea/air etc. But note that by is not used if there is an article. For example, we write in the car, on a bus, and not by the car or by a bus.

Incorrect: He is angry upon me.
Correct: He is angry with me.

Incorrect: I am pleased at you.
Correct: I am pleased with you.

Incorrect: He was trembling in rage.
Correct: He was trembling with rage.


We use with in a number of expressions which say how people express their feelings and sensations. Common examples are: white with fear/rage, red with anger/embarrassment, green with envy, blue with cold etc.

Incorrect: Who is in the phone? It is John.
Correct: Who is on the phone? It is John.

Incorrect: There was an interesting show at TV.
Correct: There was an interesting show on TV.


The correct expressions are on the radio, on TV, on the phone etc.

Incorrect: She washed her face in water.
Correct: She washed her face with water.

Incorrect: The snake was killed by a stone.
Correct: The snake was killed with a stone.


We use with to talk about instruments with which something is done.

Incorrect: I go to school by foot.
Correct: I go to school on foot.

Incorrect: I congratulated her for her success.
Correct: I congratulated her on her success.