TOEFL Exam preparation tips

Don’t get stressed out

It might sound too obvious, but it is the most important thing you can do. Remember that you don’t require a score in the 90th percentile to get admission to most universities. Your TOEFL score is just one of the factors that determine your eligibility for admission. That means a score above average is sufficient in most cases.

Pay attention to time and frequency words

Pay careful attention to words like except, always, since and not in all. You will come across these words on many TOEFL questions. Failure to notice them might result in a wrong answer.

Get enough sleep

Sleep well on the night before the test. A good night’s sleep is all it requires to stay attentive throughout the test.

Keep an eye on the watch

Don’t forget to wear a watch to the TOEFL test. Answer each question within the time allotted for it.

Attempt mock tests

Even if your level of English is good, you still require some practice to do well on the TOEFL test. That is because if you are not familiar with the kind of questions that could be asked, you may take longer to answer each question.

You will require extensive practice if your level of English isn’t good. Pay special attention to areas where you are particularly weak. Start preparing for the test at least one week in advance.