TOEFL Grammar Test 3

Fill in the blanks with appropriate grammatical structures. Each question is followed by four suggested answers. Choose the most appropriate one.

1. He is ———————- family man.

a) Very much of a
b) Very much
c) Much a
d) A very

2. I couldn’t recognize him because he was
———————— a dark suit.

a) Dressed in
b) Dressed with
c) Dressing in
d) Dressing with

3. He ——————— while trying to swim across the river.

a) Drowned
b) Was drowned
c) Has drowned
d) Had drowned

4. My parents encouraged me to study medicine, but I didn’t ————————-

a) Want to
b) Want
c) Wanted to
d) Wanted

5. ‘Are you interested in going to university?’ ‘I would ———————-.’

a) Like
b) Like to
c) Have liked to
d) Have liked

6. I saw the book ——————— on the table.

a) Lie
b) Lying
c) To lie
d) Lain

7. I could see John ——————— on the bus.

a) Get
b) Getting
c) To get
d) Got

8. If I ———————- her name, I would tell you.

a) Know
b) Knew
c) Would know
d) Had known

9. It would be nice if you ———————- me a pound.

a) Lend
b) Would lend
c) Lent
d) Had lent

10. If you had invited them, they ———————– .

a) Would come
b) Would have come
c) Came
d) Had come


1. Very much of a
2. Dressed in
3. Drowned
4. Want to
5. Like to
6. Lying
7. Getting
8. Knew
9. Lent
10. Would have come