TOEFL grammar test

Each sentence given below contains a mistake which is in one of the underlined words or phrases. Find out that word / phrase that contains the error.

1. The key for winemaking is fermentation which is a process that occurs naturally within grapes as long as the skin of the grapes has been broken.

a) for

b) which

c) occurs

d) has been broken

2. When grapes are crushed a certain type of yeast that covers their skin consumes the fructose and glucose sugars finding inside the fruit and creates alcohol.

a) are crushed

b) consumes

c) finding

d) creates

3. A winemaker’s job is not as simple as just crush the grapes because in addition to alcohol fermentation creates hydrogen sulfide which is a compound known for its rotten-egg like odor.

a) crush

b) in addition

c) creates

d) known

4. Since the middle of the 20th century, the United States is the biggest economic power in the Western Hemisphere with a formidable industrial base and strong technology and service sectors.

a) since

b) is

c) with

d) and

5. Though China’s economy is rapidly growing, it cannot be considered a free market economy based on the US model because major segments of the Chinese economy are state-run enterprises are sheltered from competition.

a) though

b) considered

c) of

d) are sheltered


1. for (The correct expression is ‘key to winemaking’.)

2. finding (It must be replaced with found.)

3. crush (It must be replaced with crushing)

4. is (It should be replaced with has been. In sentences with since, we usually prefer a perfect tense.)

5. are sheltered (It should be replaced by sheltered.)