TOEFL Reading: What skills are necessary?

To score well in the Reading section of the TOEFL iBT, you must have a commendable vocabulary. You should be able to understand the relative importance of ideas when reading academic passages. You must also be able to interpret charts and graphs.

When you come across unfamiliar words, you should be able to figure out their meaning by using context and your background knowledge.

Read Academic Textbooks

While preparing for TOEFL, make it a habit to read as many academic texts as possible. Choose subjects like natural sciences, social sciences, arts and business. You may also read books, magazines and journals that are academic in nature. Remember that the more academic the reading material is, the more it will prepare you for the test.

Use Flash Cards

To improve your vocabulary skills use flash cards. This is a tried and trusted method. Make some square pieces of paper. On one side of the paper write words and on the other side write their meanings. Make it a habit to look up unfamiliar words.

Learn to Skim

Improve your skimming skills. You should be able to get a general feeling of the main ideas in the passage by quickly looking over it. Good skimming skills are particularly important because you won’t get time to read each word and sentence in the passage.