Understanding your TOEFL score

In the Listening and the Reading sections most of the questions are of the multiple choice type. Four answer choices will be given and you have to select the most appropriate answer.

A multiple choice question with only one correct answer is worth one point. Some multiple choice questions may carry more than one point. If that is the case, it is usually indicated. The Drag-n-Drop Summary and Table Completion tasks in the Reading section involve partial scoring. That means you will get a portion of the total value even if some of your answers are not correct.

Let me elaborate.

Drag-n-Drop Summary Question

These types of questions carry 2 points for 3 correct answers. If you got 2 answers correct and 1 answer wrong, you can still receive 1 point. You will receive no points if only one of the three answers is correct.

Drag-n-Drop Table Completion

These types of tasks may include 5 or 7 correct answers. If all 5 answers are correct, you will get 3 points. If 4 answers are correct you will get 2 points. You will receive no points if you get 3 or fewer number of answers correct.

Some tasks may have 7 correct answers. You will receive 4 points if you get all 7 answers correct. For 6 correct answers, you will receive 3 points; four 5 correct answers, you will receive 2 points. You will receive no points if you get fewer than 4 answers correct.

Speaking and Writing sections

Your speaking samples and the essays you write in the Writing section are all rated by human raters. These sections, too, are scored on a scale of 0 to 30.