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Common mistakes of ESL students

April 16th, 2014 in Common Mistakes

In this lesson we will take a look at some common mistakes ESL students make when they speak or write English.

Incorrect: I give key to the watch every day.

Correct: I wind the watch every day.

Incorrect: He has not answered to me.

Correct: He has not answered me.

Incorrect: I asked a question to him.

Correct: I asked him a question.

When ask is followed by two objects, the indirect object (person) usually goes before the direct object.

Incorrect: This is not the way to approach to the problem.

Correct: This is not the way to approach the problem.

The verb approach can be directly followed by its object.

Incorrect: Let us go by walk.

Correct: Let us walk.

Correct: Let us go on foot.

Incorrect: We went to Bangkok and enjoyed very much.

Correct: We went to Bangkok and enjoyed our stay very much.

Correct: We went to Bangkok and enjoyed ourselves very much.

The verb enjoy requires an expressed object. If there is no object, you should use an appropriate emphatic pronoun.

Incorrect: She is thirty-five years.

Correct: She is thirty-five years old.

Correct: She is thirty-five.

Incorrect: He has left smoking.

Correct: He has stopped smoking.

Correct: He has given up smoking.

Incorrect: Write your name with ink.

Correct: Write your name in ink.

We say in pen, in pencil, in ink etc.

Incorrect: It is high time she improves her behavior.

Correct: It is high time she improved her behavior.

After It’s time / It’s high time, we use a past tense to refer to the present.