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Phrasal verbs beginning with T

September 1st, 2010 in Expressions

A phrasal verb is a two-word verb consisting of a verb and a preposition or adverb particle. Phrasal verbs are very common in English. Since you cannot easily guess the meaning of a phrasal verb, they often cause problems for ESL students.

Here is a list of some common phrasal verbs beginning with the letter T.

Take over

To take over a business is to take control of it.

  • He took over the family business when his father died.

Take out

To take somebody out is to take them to dinner, movies etc.

  • My husband never takes me out to dinner.

Take up

To take something up is to begin a new hobby.

  • He took up gardening after retirement.
  • If you have plenty of free time, you should take up some hobby.

To take up an issue is to discuss it.

  • Don’t forget to take up this issue during the next meeting.

Take up

To take up space is to occupy it.

  • The sofa takes up too much space in the living room. I think we should move it into another room.

Talk back

To talk back to is to respond in an impolite way to an adult.

  • I don’t like it when my children talk back.
  • Children should be taught not to talk back to their elders.

Talk over

To talk an issue over is to discuss it.

You should talk your problems over before filing for divorce.

Tear down

To tear something down is to destroy it.

  • The municipal authorities have decided to tear down the dilapidated buildings in the city.

Tear up

To tear paper up is to rip it into small pieces.

  • Don’t throw away your personal papers before tearing them up.