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Expressions with A

November 20th, 2016 in Expressions

Here are some common idiomatic expressions beginning with letter A. Each expression is followed by its meaning and example sentences.

As for

As for means ‘with regard to’ or ‘concerning’.

  • As for James, I don’t care if I never see him again.

As if

The expression as if is used to say what a situation seems like.

  • The juice tastes as if it is made with unripe tomatoes.
  • It seemed as if the whole world was spinning.

Note that a past tense after as if indicates that the comparison is unreal.

As long as

As long as means on condition that or provided that.

  • You can stay in my apartment as long as you do not create any problems for me.

As soon as

As soon as means immediately after something.

  • He rushed home as soon as he received the call.

As to

As to means with regard to.

  • As to your order, we will ship it tomorrow.

As well

As well means also or in addition to.

  • She can sing well; she can play the piano as well.

As well as

As well as means in addition to.

  • Please bring pencils as well as a writing pad.