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Reported Speech

March 19th, 2019 in English Grammar

Convert the following sentences into reported speech.


When the reporting verb is in the past tense, the verb in the reported speech will also be in the past tense.

When the reporting verb is in the present tense, the verb in the reported speech will not change.


Change into reported speech

1. She said, ‘It is my book.’

2. ‘There is nothing in it,’ said John.

3. ‘I am busy,’ said Mary.

4. Mary said, ‘I will call the police.’

5. She said, ‘They are too young to understand.’

6. The headmaster said to her, ‘You can go now.’

7. The teacher said, ‘Tomorrow will be a holiday.’

8. Mother says, ‘I am knitting.’

9. Suresh said, ‘Can you lend me your pen?’

10. The boy said, ‘I am learning my lessons.’


1. She said that it was her book.

2. John said that there was nothing in it.

3. Mary said that she was busy.

4. Mary said that she would call the police.

5. She said that they were too young to understand.

6. The headmaster told her that she could go then.

7. The teacher said that the next day would be a holiday.

8. Mother says that she is knitting.

9. Suresh asked if I could lend him my pen. 10. The boy said that he was learning his lessons.