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Passive Voice Exercise

May 22nd, 2022 in Improve English

Change into passive.

1. Our team won the first prize.

2. They congratulated the winners.

3. I wrote a story yesterday.

4. I sent the parcel in the morning.

5. He showed me the photo,

6. The boy ate an apple.

7. I have sent the invites.

8. They sentenced him to prison.

9. The rowdies bullied the poor boy.

10. The teacher punished the boy for misbehaving in the class.

11. The news of his death shocked me.

12. She takes care of homeless people.


1. The first prize was won by our team.

2. The winners were congratulated by them.

3. A story was written by me yesterday.

4. The parcel was sent by me in the morning.

5. The photo was shown to me. / I was shown the photo.

6. An apple was eaten by the boy.

7. The invites have been sent by me.

8. He was sentenced to prison.

9. The poor boy was bullied by the rowdies.

10. The boy was punished for misbehaving in the class.

11. I was shocked by the news of his death.

12. Homeless people are taken care of by her.