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How to write a rejection letter?

June 20th, 2012 in Letter Writing

A rejection letter is one of those letters that are not very easy to write. Although writing a rejection letter can be difficult, there are situations that make it absolutely necessary. For example, banks usually send rejection letters to customers whose loan application they cannot approve. Organizations send rejection letters to applicants they cannot hire.

How to write a rejection letter?

What matters most in a rejection letter is the professional tone and wording. Don’t write anything that would make the reader feel bad. Instead your choice of words should make the reader feel that he or she would do the same thing if they were in your place.

Keep it clear and concise

A rejection letter doesn’t have to be unnecessarily long. Nobody likes to read a long, winding rejection letter. Hence it is better to deliver the message of rejection in the beginning itself. Clearly state that you have decided to reject the request or application. Don’t beat about the bush and don’t try to give the impression that your decision could change. Briefly state how you came to your decision. Be straightforward, not argumentative. Explain why your decision is good for everyone.

End on a positive note

Conclude with a statement of goodwill. You may have rejected this application, but if you intend to consider this person for another job in the future, you may express that as well. However, that isn’t always necessary. In some situations such endings might offend the reader.

Send the rejection letter in a timely manner. If you are rejecting their request or application, then let them know it at the earliest, so that they can resume their search.