Antonyms worksheet

Against each keyword are given four suggested meanings. Choose the word or phrase which is opposite in meaning to the keyword.

1. Flexible

a) stiff
b) strong
c) viable
d) rational

2. Flighty

a) capricious
b) reliable
c) mercurial
d) weary

3. Fluster

a) agitate
b) soothe
c) muddle
d) confuse

4. Forbear

a) refrain
b) withhold
c) remove
d) claim

5. Forlorn

a) desolate
b) cheerful
c) spiritual
d) comfortless

6. Fractious

a) temperate
b) fragile
c) violent
d) righteous

7. Fragrant

a) smelly
b) aromatic
c) redolent
d) helpless

8. Frenzy

a) calmness
b) agitated
c) fury
d) madness

9. Forward

a) behind
b) bold
c) send
d) promote

10. Frugal

a) spendthrift
b) miserly
c) stingy
d) careful

11. Fugitive

a) brief
b) transient
c) permanent
d) fleeting

12. Gather

a) scatter
b) collect
c) amass
d) patent

13. Gaudy

a) graceful
b) garnish
c) ornate
d) fatuous

14. General

a) category
b) kind
c) rare
d) surplus

15. Generous

a) kind
b) substantial
c) tightfisted
d) munificent

16. Genius

a) shallowness
b) proficient
c) knack
d) desperate

17. Gentle

a) honorable
b) savage
c) happy
d) placid

18. Genuine

a) false
b) authentic
c) frank
d) legitimate

19. Ghastly

a) appalling
b) appealing
c) unfortunate
d) grisly

20. Gigantic

a) tiny
b) prodigious
c) good-natured
d) humorous


1. stiff
2. reliable
3. soothe
4. claim
5. cheerful
6. temperate
7. smelly
8. calmness
9. behind
10. spendthrift
11. permanent
12. scatter
13. graceful
14. rare
15. tightfisted
16. shallowness
17. savage
18. false
19. appealing
20. tiny