Antonyms worksheet

Choose a word that is opposite in meaning to the given keyword.

1. Macabre

a) pleasant
b) gruesome
c) dirty
d) rustic
e) uncultured

2. Machination

a) evil plot
b) good will
c) enervating
d) appetizing
e) affordable

3. Maelstrom

a) destructive
b) malign
c) benign
d) malicious
e) enchanting

4. malcontent

a) provoked
b) dissatisfied
c) rebellious
d) satisfied
e) tempting

5. malediction

a) blessing
b) verbose
c) verbal
d) colloquial
e) curse

6. Malefactor

a) helper
b) criminal
c) benefactor
d) supporter
e) dependent

7. Malodorous

a) filthy
b) vulgar
c) fragrant
d) stench
e) venerable

8. Manifold

a) few
b) open
c) multiple
d) folded
e) diverse

9. Maudlin

a) weepy
b) pleasing
c) unemotional
d) sentimental
e) vulnerable

10. Maverick

a) conformist
b) rebel
c) individualist
d) eccentric
e) nonconformist

11. Mawkish

a) maudlin 

b) sappy
c) weepy
d) mushy
e) unemotional

12. Meander

a) stroll
b) roam
c) ramble
d) rush
e) wander

13. Mendicant

a) beggar
b) honest
c) none of these
d) affluent
e) miserly

14. Mercurial

a) predictable
b) unpredictable
c) witty
d) lively
e) unexpected

15. Mettle

a) cowardice
b) resolve
c) grit
d) courage
e) valour


1. pleasant

2. good will

3. benign

4. satisfied

5. blessing

6. benefactor

7. fragrant

8. few

9. unemotional

10. conformist

11. unemotional

12. rush

13. affluent

14. predictable

15. cowardice