Common Idioms

Eat humble pie (apologize humbly)

I think I am right, but if I am wrong, I am ready to eat humble pie.

Meet something half way

To meet something half way is to anticipate it or worry about it before it happens.

It is silly to meet trouble half way.

Worth one’s salt

If a person is not worth his salt, he is quite worthless.

He is not worth his salt, if he fails at it again.

Make both ends meet (Be able to live within one’s income)

The cost of living is so high that we find it difficult to make both ends meet.

Within an ace of (on the point of)

At the battle of Marengo,  Napoleon was within an ace of defeat. (= Napoleon was nearly defeated.)

Lose ground (become less powerful or acceptable)

The belief in witchcraft is losing ground.

With open arms (Wholeheartedly)

When the prodigal son returned to his father’s house, he was received with open arms.

Play fast and loose (say one thing and do another)

You can’t trust a person who plays fast and loose.

Take one to task (rebuke)

The teacher took him to task for not doing his homework.

Turn a deaf ear to (disregard)

He turned a deaf ear to my advice. (= He disregarded my advice.)

By hook or crook (by all means; by fair means or foul means)

He is determined to achieve his object by hook or crook.

Take exception to (object)

I must take exception to your remark. (= I must object to your remark.)