Expressions with carry

Carry can mean ‘keep the head or body in a certain way’.

He carries himself like a warrior.

How well he carries his head!

To carry one’s point

To carry one’s point is to get people to agree that it is right.

You can’t help but admire his ability to carry his point.

She is quite capable of carrying her point.

He couldn’t carry his point.

The speaker failed to carry his listeners with him. (= The speaker failed to get their support.)

To carry everything before one (= succeed in everything)

It was her day. She literally carried everything before her.

Carry away: cause to lose self-control

He was carried away by anger.

His enthusiasm carried him away.

Carry off: take without permission or by force

Carry on: conduct, manage, continue

Carry on business as usual

To carry on business as usual is to employ oneself as usual.

Carry on a conversation with

Carry something through: bring to a successful end

Though there were problems, we managed to carry the conference through.

Carry out: get done, give effect to

He asked me to carry out his instructions.