Idioms with letter A – part 2

All hell broke loose

Used to refer to a situation that suddenly becomes violent.

All hell broke loose when Susie discovered that her husband was having an affair with one of his colleagues.

All the rage

If something is all the rage, it’s very popular at the moment.

Skin-whitening creams are all the rage at the moment.

An acid test

A difficulty or a hardship that demonstrates the true worth of an individual

The upcoming by-election is an acid test for the ruling party.

An act of God

Used to refer to natural calamities like earthquakes and storms

An ax to grind

If you have got an ax to grind, you have got a problem you would like to discuss with them.

I have got an ax to grind with her. She poisoned my cat yesterday.

Another string to your bow

If you have another string to your bow, you know yet another way of making a living.

Answer the call of nature

If you answer the call of nature, you go to the toilet.

Excuse me. I’m going to answer the call of nature.

Around the clock

If something occurs around the clock, it goes on all day and all night.

The contents on our sites are accessible around the clock.

Asking for trouble

To ask for trouble is to do something that would lead to a problem.

You shouldn’t have called him names. It was a bit like asking for trouble.

At a loose end

If you’re at a loose end, you have nothing to do.

If you’re at a loose end, why don’t you go visit your parents?