Idioms and Phrases Quiz 2

1.    We sat ———————— as he narrated the stories of his adventures.

a)    All eyes
b)    All ears
c)    Eager
d)    All ear

2.    Since her husband is —————————– she feels quite lost.

a)    Any more
b)    No more
c)    Above board
d)    None of these

3.    I find their movements suspicious: they are ———————- something.

a)    Into
b)    Up to
c)    Off to
d)    Bend on

4.    They own a posh house and a luxurious car. They must be ———————–

a)    Well on
b)    Well after
c)    We off
d)    Well of

5.    In the desert a glass of water is ————————

a)    Worth its weight in gold
b)    More precious than gold
c)    Worth gold
d)    Worth having

6.    The mule is a ———————-

a)    Animal of burden
b)    Beast of burden
c)    Animal of use
d)    Beast of the jungle

7.    Come to the point. Don’t ————————-the bush.

a)    Beat on
b)    Beat about
c)    Walk about
d)    Walk around

8.    Don’t expect me to be at your ———————- all the time.

a)    Beck
b)    Beck and call
c)    Disposal
d)    Calling

9.    Stardom is no ———————-

a)    Bed of flowers
b)    Bed of lotus
c)    Bed of roses
d)    Bed of lilies

10.    He is hell ———————– becoming a film star.

a)    Bent on
b)    Bend on
c)    Bent at
d)    Bent in

11.    The hunter ———————- till the deer came out of the bush.

a)    Bade his time
b)    Bade his fortune
c)    Bade his fate
d)    Bade his circumstances

12.    As we looked down from the airplane we got a ———————— of the city.

a)    Bird’s view
b)    Eagle’s view
c)    Bird’s eye view
d)    Camel’s eye view

13.    Birds of a ———————- flock together.

a)    Wing
b)    Feather
c)    Color
d)    Kind

14.    He is the ————————- of his family.

a)    Black cat
b)    Black dog
c)    Black wolf
d)    Black sheep

15.    The indulgent mother is ——————— the shortcomings of her son.

a)    Blind to
b)    Blind in
c)    Blind at
d)    Blind of


1.    All ears
2.    No more
3.    Up to
4.    Well off
5.    Worth its weight in gold
6.    Beast of burden
7.    Beat about
8.    Beck and call
9.    Bed of roses
10.    Bent on
11.    Bade his time
12.    Bird’s eye view
13.    Feather
14.    Black cat
15.    Blind to