Idioms and Phrases Quiz V

Fill in the blanks with suitable idioms or phrases.

1.    He drops in ————— for a chat with me.

a)    Over and over
b)    Off and on
c)    Of and on
d)    Off and over

2.    I have seen many people falling prey to his ——————–

a)    Sticky tongue
b)    Sugary tongue
c)    Oily tongue
d)    None of these

3.    I suspect he made that mistake ———————-

a)    On mistake
b)    On purpose
c)    On alert
d)    On the alert

4.    The officer asked the commandos to be ——————

a)    On purpose
b)    On the alert
c)    On edge
d)    Off their head

5.    He ran very fast and was soon ———————-

a)    Out of breath
b)    Out off breath

c)    Off breath

d)    None of these

6.    Do this job ———————– and you will be free in the evening.

a)    Out of date
b)    Out of hand
c)    Out of one’s mind
d)    Out and out

7.    He was shouting and screaming as if he was ———————-

a)    Of his head
b)    Out of his mind
c)    Out of his head
d)    Out of order

8.    The speech was full of technical jargon that it went ———————– of the audience.

a)    Over and above
b)    Over the head
c)    Over and over
d)    None of these

9.    It was a very difficult job; nevertheless, he decided to put his ————————

a)    Shoulder to the wheel
b)    Arm to the wheel
c)    Chest to the wheel
d)    His feet in it

10.    I had been unfair to him but he ——————— by his generous behavior.

a)    Put me to flight
b)    Put me to shame
c)    Put up with
d)    Put up to

11.    You never know how he will behave. He is a ———————-

a)    Queer dog
b)    Queer fish
c)    Queer cat
d)    Queer wolf

12.    I ———————— still I couldn’t find a solution to the problem.

a)    Read between the lines
b)    Racked my brains
c)    Racked my mind
d)    Racked my soul


1.    Off and on (occasionally, every now and then)
2.    Oily tongue
3.    On purpose (deliberately)
4.    On the alert
5.    Out of breath
6.    Out of hand (without any delay)
7.    Out of his mind
8.    Over the head (be beyond the grasp of)
9.    Shoulder to the wheel (make an attempt)
10.    Put me to shame
11.    Queer fish
12.    Racked my brains (thought hard)