Idioms and Phrases Quiz III

Fill in the blanks with suitable idioms or phrases.

1.    They pushed the huge rock with ——————- and cleared the way.

a)    Might and power
b)    Power and might
c)    Might and main
d)    Power

2.    They all waited ———————– for the election results to be declared.

a)    With breath
b)    With baited breath
c)    With baited breathe
d)    With wasted breath

3.    Beware of him. He is a ——————– in sheep’s clothing.

a)    Fox
b)    Wolf
c)    Tiger
d)    Leopard

4.    He is very poor and yet he ——————– at the idea of working for a living.

a)    Turns on his nose
b)    Turns up his nose
c)    Turns down his nose
d)    Turns off his nose

5.    He was ahead of me in the preliminary examination but I ————————— on him in the main examination.

a)    Turned the luck
b)    Turned the tables
c)    Turned the papers
d)    Turned the results

6.    I was eager to set up a business in precious stones, but he ———————— upon my plans.

a)    Put cold water
b)    Put hot water
c)    Threw cold water
d)    Threw hot water

7.    He is a self-respecting fellow. He will never ————————– the mercy of others.

a)    Throw himself on
b)    Pull himself on
c)    Leave himself on
d)    Act himself on

8.    He has given up his addiction to gambling and ——————— a new leaf.

a)    Turned over
b)    Turned off
c)    Turned on
d)    Turned of

9.    He outlined a grand plan and asked me to lend him a loan, but I knew he was trying to ———————-

a)    Throw powder in my eyes
b)    Throw dust in my eyes
c)    Throw sand in my eyes
d)    Throw chalk in my eyes

10.    He maybe guilty but you are not authorized to ———————— and beat him like this.

a)    Take the law in your hands
b)    Take the rules in your hands
c)    Take the judiciary in your hands
d)    Take the justice in your hands


1.    Might and main
2.    With baited breath
3.    Wolf
4.    Turns up his nose
5.    Turned the tables
6.    Threw cold water
7.    Throw himself on
8.    Turned over
9.    Throw dust in my eyes
10.    Take the law in your hands