Idioms and Phrases Quiz IV

Fill in the blanks with appropriate idioms or phrases.

1.    I have to ——————— with him.

a)    Score an account
b)    Settle an account
c)    Settle a score
d)    Settle a matter

2.    If you had been a little more proactive, this golden opportunity would not have ————————

a)    Escaped your fingers
b)    Slipped through your fingers
c)    Slipped through your head
d)    Escaped your hands

3.    Whatever be the consequences I will not leave you to your fate. We shall —————- together.

a)    Sail
b)    Work
c)    Sink or swim
d)    Live

4.    I told him that I could invest some money in a joint venture with him, but as I was busy with my own projects I could only be a ——————

a)    Visiting partner
b)    Half partner
c)    Sleeping partner
d)    Inactive partner

5.    As he was too reluctant to put forward his case I had to ——————–

a)    Speak for him
b)    Talk for him
c)    Act for him
d)    None of these

6.    Since you have asked for my candid opinion, I shall ——————-

a)    Talk my mind
b)    Speak my mind
c)    Reveal my mind
d)    Disclose my mind

7.    Are you telling the truth or just ——————–?

a)    Spinning a tale
b)    Spinning a yarn
c)    Spinning a story
d)    None of these

8.    His regular habit of saving ———————- in difficult times.

a)    Stood him his stand
b)    Stood him in good stead
c)    Stood him in good shape
d)    Stood him in good condition

9.    He raised several objections to my proposal but I ———————

a)    Stood my chance
b)    Stood my position
c)    Stood my ground
d)    Stood my stand

10.    Although the rival cricket team was quite competitive it did not ———————- against our team of veterans.

a)    Stand a ground
b)    Stand a chance
c)    Stand a stead
d)    None of these

11.    We must always ———————– people who indulge in anti-social activities.

a)    Steer clear of
b)    Stay away
c)    Stick out of
d)    Steer clear

12.    Although there was nothing particularly impressive about that painting, I ——————– to it.

a)    Took an interest
b)    Took a fancy
c)    Took a fantasy
d)    Took a liking


1.    Settle an account
2.    Slipped through your fingers
3.    Sink or swim
4.    Sleeping partner
5.    Speak for him
6.    Speak my mind
7.    Spinning a yarn
8.    Stood him in good stead
9.    Stood my ground
10.    Stand a chance
11.    Steer clear of
12.    Took a fancy