Idioms with stand and run

Stand something (to put up with something; to endure it)

I can’t stand hot weather. (= I can’t endure hot weather.)

Stand for something

To stand for something is to represent it; to be a sign for it

What do your initials stand for?
We stand for justice.
That India stands for peace should be known to everybody.

Stand out (be easily seen, stick out)

Most new cameras on the market have nothing to make them stand out from the rest.

Stand up to someone (be ready to oppose him)

We must have the courage to stand up to corrupt politicians.

Stand up for someone (support or defend him)

You must stand up for the needy and the oppressed.

Idioms with run

To run a risk (take a chance)

I quit stock trading because I didn’t want to run risks.

Run someone over (knock someone down with a car or a moving vehicle)

The boy was run over by a speeding car.

Run out of something (have none left when one needs it)

We have run out of sugar. (= We don’t have any sugar left.)