One-word substitution

In each of the following questions, you have to find a word from the given options which accurately expresses the meaning expressed by the sentence.

1. A person who is habitually silent or who talks very little

a) Articulate

b) Resilient

c) Taciturn

d) Unequivocal

2. A religious discourse

a) Myth

b) Sermon

c) Stanza

d) Preach

3. A large pillar made from one stone

a) Statue

b) Monolith

c) Sculpture

d) Bulwark

4. A planned route or journey

a) Travel

b) Itinerary

c) Travelogue

d) Voyage

5. Protection and immunity from extradition offered by a government

a) Dormitory

b) Sanatorium

c) Orphanage

d) Asylum

6. The existing condition or state of affairs

a) Status quo

b) Déjà vu

c) Laissez faire

7. A person who abstains from alcohol

a) Abstinent

b) Teetotaler

c) Agnomen

8. An untrained person who pretends to be a physician and prescribes drugs

a) Quack

b) Veteran

c) Glutton

9. A person who eats too much

a) Abstinent

b) Glutton

c) Omnivore

d) Reveler

10. A body of people vested with the responsibility and power to make laws for a state

a) Judiciary

b) Legislature

c) Bar

d) Constitution


1. c) Taciturn

2. b) Sermon

3. b) Monolith

4. b) Itinerary

5. d) Asylum

6. a) Status quo

7. b) Teetotaler

8. a) Quack

9. b) Glutton

10. a) Legislature