Phrasal verbs

Here is a list of phrasal verbs.

Drop in

To drop in is to make a casual visit.

  • Meera dropped in to see us yesterday.

Drop off

To drop off is to fall asleep.

  • I dropped off in front of the TV.

Drop out

To drop out is to leave school without finishing.

  • He dropped out of college to start his own business.

Ease off

When something eases off, it slows down or becomes less severe.

  • Traffic eases off after 10 pm.

End in

When something ends in, it finishes in a certain way.

  • Her second marriage too ended in divorce.

End up

To end up is to eventually reach or come to a particular place or state.

  • They argued for hours and ended up infuriating each other.

Fall through

If something falls through, it fails.

  • His plans to start an exporting business fell through when he could not obtain the required permits.

Figure out

To figure something out is to understand it.

  • I can’t figure out what he wants.

Focus on

To focus on something is to concentrate on it.

  • You need to focus on your studies if you want to pass the test.

Get along with

To get along with someone is to be on good terms with them.

  • It is important to get along with your colleagues.

Get at

To get at something is to imply it.

  • What are you getting at? Do you think I am to blame for your misfortunes?

Get by

To get by is to survive on very little money.

  • If you don’t have a job, you will have a tough time getting by.