Phrasal verbs with keep

Here is a list of phrasal verbs using the word keep.

Keep around

To keep something around is to have it ready for use.

  • Students should always keep a dictionary around so that they can look up unfamiliar words.

Keep at

To keep at something is to persevere.

  • You should keep at your studies.

Keep away

To keep something away is to prevent access to it.

  • Keep the kids away from the fireplace.
  • You should keep yourself away from bad people.

Keep back

To keep back is to maintain a safe distance from something.

  • Keep back. That tree is going to fall.

Keep down

To keep food or drinks down is to keep them in your stomach without vomiting.

  • She is very ill. She can’t keep even water down.

Keep in

To keep something in some place is to have it in a specific location.

  • She keeps her ornaments in that box.

Keep off

To keep something off is to prevent it from climbing on to something

  • Keep the cat off the piano.

Keep on

To keep on is to continue.

  • He was ill but he kept on working.

Keep out

To keep somebody out is to prevent them from entering a certain place.

  • Keep the dog out of the kitchen.

Keep to

To keep to an activity is to persist in it.

  • No one thought that she would solve that puzzle, but she kept to it until it was done.