Phrasal verbs with back

Here is a list of phrasal verbs with back. Each phrasal verb is followed by its meaning and example sentences.

Back down

To back down is to stop defending your opinion in a debate.

  • Don’t argue with her. She will never back down.
  • If neither party is willing to back down, we will not be able to reach a consensus.

Back down on

  • The trade union of workers has announced that they will not back down on their decision to strike.

Back out

To back out is to decide not to do something you agreed to do.

  • She had promised to help me but at the last moment she backed out.
  • They were supposed to sign the contract yesterday, but at the last moment one of the parties backed out.

Back out of

  • Are you sure that they will not back out of the deal?

Back someone up

To back someone up is to publicly announce your support for them.

  • None of his so-called followers were willing to openly back him up.
  • Her supporters didn’t back up her candidacy for the presidency.

To back up is to show that an explanation is probably true.

  • The statements of the witness back up her story that she was not present on the crime scene.
  • You must back up your arguments with valid examples.

Back up

To back up your data is to make a copy of your information.

  • Before upgrading the software, you must back up your data.

Back up can also mean ‘move backwards a short distance’.

  • The volunteers asked the people to back up about 10 paces.