Phrasal verbs beginning with W, Y and Z

Here is a list of two word verbs beginning with the letters W, Y and Z.

Wait on

To wait on a table is to service a table.

  • Before she became a model, she waited on tables in a restaurant.

Wait up for

To wait up for somebody is to stay awake because you are waiting for them.

  • I spent the whole night waiting up for my husband.

Wake up

To wake somebody up is to awaken them.

  • Wake me up at 6 am.

Wash up

To wash up is to clean yourself.

  • I always wash up before I go to bed.

To wash something up is to make it clean.

  • I will cook dinner but you will have to wash up these clothes.

Yak on

To yak on is to continue talking in an annoying way. To yak on about something is to continue talking about it.

  • Will you please stop yakking on?
  • She yakked on and on and on until we all went to bed.
  • She yakked on and on about her rich boyfriend.

The expression yammer on has the same meaning.

  • She yammered on and on about her diamonds.

Zero in on

To zero in on something is to pinpoint it or focus your attention on it.

I have zeroed in on the problem – a faulty valve.


Zip around

To zip around is to move quickly from one place to another place.

  • If I get time, I might zip around the city.

Zone out

To zone out is to stop paying attention.

  • The lecture was quite boring. After a while, I zoned out.

Zonk out

To zonk out is to fall asleep.

  • I was so tired that I zonked out before dinner.