Phrasal Verbs with Bring

Bring about (cause to happen)

His addiction to drinking brought about his ruin. (= His addition to drinking was the cause of his ruin.)
The new government has brought about many changes in the education system in the country.

Bring in (produce, yield or earn)

He doesn’t bring in a huge salary.
Our efforts bring in substantial returns.

Bring on (to cause to appear)

Unhealthy eating habits bring on several ailments.

Bring out (publish)

We are going to bring out a new edition of this book.

Bring round (to cause to adopt an opinion, to take a certain course of action, to cause to recover consciousness)

We brought her around by sprinkling cold water on her face.
At last I was able to bring him around. (At last I was able to convert him to my views.)

Bring round to (persuade)

At last I brought him round to my way of thinking.

Bring up (rear, educate)

He was brought up by his aunt.
She was born and brought up in New Zealand.

Bring up (raise for discussion)

The opposition leader brought up the matter in the parliament.

Bring forward (present, introduce)

The opposition brought forward a No-Confidence Motion against the Prime Minister.

Bring forth (give rise to, produce)

The defence lawyer brought forth many evidences against the accused.

Bring off (accomplish, launch)

They brought off a spirited advertising campaign to promote the product.