Phrasal verbs with call

The word call is used in a large number of phrasal verbs. Here is a list of them.

Call at

To call at a place is to stop at that place briefly. This expression is mainly used in association with boats and ships.

  • The ship will call at the port for a few hours.

Call down (separable)

To call down something or to call something down is to pray God to do something to someone. This expression is mainly used in a literary style.

  • The old parents called down a blessing on their son. (= The old parents prayed that their son would be blessed.)

Call for

This phrasal verb has several meanings

To call for something is to demand that something should be done.

  • The minister has called for an investigation into the mysterious disappearance of the freelance journalist.
  • You’ve been promoted! That calls for a big celebration. (= We should celebrate because you have received a promotion.)
  • This job calls for excellent analytical skills. (= You must have excellent analytical skills to do this job.)
  • Your rude behavior was not called for. (= Your rude behavior was not appropriate.)

Call for

To call for someone is to go to their place to get them.

  • I will call for you at your house tomorrow.

Call forth

To call forth something or to call something forth is to bring it into the mind.

  • That song calls forth some strong feelings. (= That song evokes some strong feelings.)

Call in

To call in is to make a telephone call to a place.

  • She called in sick and went to the movies with her boyfriend. (= She telephoned her office and said that she was sick.)

Call in on

To call in on somebody is to visit them.

  • I called in on an old friend yesterday. (= I visited an old friend yesterday.)