Vocabulary exercise

1. A false statement meant to alleviate fear

a) Anodyne
b) Bromide
c) Platitude
d) Cliché
e) Persiflage

2. Horse-like in appearance or temperament

a) Canine
b) Equine
c) Lupine
d) Porcine
e) Vulpine

3. Someone who knows everything

a) Omnipotent
b) Omniscient
c) Omnivorous
d) Omnipresent
e) Omnibus

4. Something that remains for a short time

a) Eulogistic
b) Evanescent
c) Euphemistic
d) Euphoric
e) Euphonious

5. A sharing of grief

a) Commiseration
b) Levity
c) Vacillation
d) Ambivalence
e) Levitation


1. Anodyne

An anodyne is a false statement meant to alleviate fear. A bromide is a trite remark. A platitude is a banal remark. A cliché is a hackneyed phrase that has lost its relevance over time. Persiflage means light banter

2. Equine

Canine means dog-like. Equine means horse-like. Lupine means wolf-like. Porcine means pig-like. Vulpine means foxlike

3. Omniscient

Omnipotent means all powerful. Omniscient means all-knowing. Omnivorous means an animal that eats everything. Omnipresent means present in all places at the same time. Omnibus means including many things.

4. Evanescent

Eulogistic means laudatory in nature; something that is full of praise. Evanescent means something that does not last long. Euphemistic means substituting inoffensive words. Euphoric means elated; extremely happy. Euphonious means sound that is pleasing to the ear.

5. Commiseration

To commiserate is to express sympathy. The word levity refers to the lack of seriousness when it is required. To vacillate is to swing back and forth in indecision. Ambivalence means contrary feelings. To levitate is to rise in air