Vocabulary exercise

This exercise tests your range of vocabulary.

1. Which of the following words can be used to refer to a person who is frank and unsophisticated?

a) Indefatigable

b) Ingenuous

c) Ingenious

d) Intrepid

e) Versatile

2. A false statement meant to alleviate fear

a) Persiflage

b) Anodyne

c) Cliché

d) Eulogy

e) Euphony

3. A trite remark

a) Bromide

b) Platitude

c) Euphony

d) Persiflage

e) Euphemism

4. A half-teasing, non-malicious, frivolous banter intended to amuse rather than offend

a) Badinage

b) Persiflage

c) Cliché

d) Anodyne

e) Platitude

5. Which of the following words can be used to refer to something that you experience as a spectator, rather than as a participant?

a) Ephemeral

b) Vicarious

c) Bovine

d) Penurious

e) Clandestine


1. Ingenuous (Indefatigable means ‘tireless’; Ingenuous means ‘frank’; Ingenious means ‘clever’ or ‘inventive’; Intrepid means ‘brave’; Versatile means ‘resourceful’, ‘multifaceted’.)

2. Anodyne (Persiflage is a light banter; Anodyne is a statement meant to alleviate fear; A cliché is a hackneyed phrase. A eulogy is a formal praise. Euphony means ‘pleasing sound’.)

3. Bromide (A bromide is a trite remark usually made by speakers who have nothing interesting to say. A platitude is a banal remark. The word euphony is used to refer to sound that is pleasing to the ear. Persiflage is a light banter. It is not supposed to cause offence. A euphemism is a word that has been substituted for another that may cause offence.)

4. Badinage (Badinage means humorous or witty conversation. Its purpose is to amuse rather than offend. A cliché is an overused expression. It does convey an interesting idea but it has been used so often that it has completely lost its originality.)

5. Vicarious (Ephemeral means ‘having a short life’. Vicarious feelings are feelings that we experience secondhand without direct participation. This is something that we all experience when we watch a football match or movie. Bovine is an adjective used to refer to people who are calm, placid and content. They are like a cow. Penurious means ‘extremely poor’. Clandestine means ‘hidden’.)