Vocabulary exercise – one word substitution

1. Which of the following words refers to the skill required to manage international affairs?

a) Diplomacy

b) Tact

c) Tenacity

2. You are in a …………………… when you are forced to choose between two unpleasant alternatives.

a) dilemma

b) confusion

c) crisis

3. Small pieces of burning coal

a) Ambers

b) Embers

c) Ashes

4. Severe scarcity of food

a) Famine

b) Shortage

c) Poverty

5. Seize authority of others in an unlawful manner

a) Ascend

b) Enthrone

c) Dethrone

d) Usurp

6. Serving as an example

a) Extraordinary

b) Exemplary

c) Extraordinary

7. The science which studies the occult influence of stars on human beings

a) Astronomy

b) Astrology

c) Optics

8. Remedy for all diseases

a) Panache

b) Panacea

c) Cure

9. Revolt against the government to bring about complete change

a) Riot

b) Revolution

c) War

10. Scene of violent and illegal confusion

a) Pandemonium

b) Struggle

c) Pandora’s box

11. Science of birds

a) Paleontology

b) Ornithology

c) Physiology

12. Place where animals like cows and horses are kept

a) Kennel

b) Sty

c) Stable

13. A person who loves mankind and works for their well-being

a) Trustee

b) Philanthropist

c) Devotee

d) Anthropologist

14. Periodical publication of official news

a) Gazette

b) Magazine

c) Memo


1. Diplomacy

2. Dilemma

3. Embers

4. Famine

5. Usurp

6. Exemplary

7. Astrology

8. Panacea

9. Revolution

10. Pandemonium

11. Ornithology

12. Stable

13. Philanthropist

14. Gazette