Vocabulary worksheet

From the given options find the word that means the same as the underlined word.

1. The oil spill contaminated the river.

a) heated
b) discolored
c) polluted
d) cleaned

2. Increased consumption of paper is depleting our forests.

a) realization
b) use
c) wastage
d) production

3. This bracelet constricts my arm.

a) relieves
b) squeezes
c) lifts
d) pains

4. All criticism must be constructive.

a) meaningless
b) productive
c) useless
d) understandable

5. Traitors have always been treated with contempt.

a) respect
b) disdain
c) pride
d) surprise

6. There is too much gore in bullfighting.

a) excitement
b) fear
c) bloodshed
d) drama

7. It is inconceivable that people could be starving in such a wealthy country.

a) ironic
b) contradictory
c) unbelievable
d) surprising

8. Soviet authorities often incarcerated political offenders in mental asylums.

a) punished
b) imprisoned
c) killed
d) tortured

9. She is an incipient artist.

a) veteran
b) budding
c) experienced
d) talented

10. Profit sharing is a good incentive for employees.

a) ambition
b) motivation
c) warning
d) deterrent


1. contaminated = polluted

2. consumption = use

3. constricts = squeezes

4. constructive = productive

5. contempt = disdain

6. gore = bloodshed

7. inconceivable = unbelievable

8. incarcerated = imprisoned

9. incipient = budding

10. incentive = motivation