Words commonly confused

Judicial and judicious

Judicial means legal.
He is working in the judicial department.

Judicious means prudent.
The book consists of a judicious selection of light as well as thought provoking essays.

Momentary and momentous

Momentary means lasting for a moment.
I experienced a momentary pang as I heard the tragic news.

Momentous means very important.
It was a momentous decision whose significance was not realized at that time.

Masterful and masterly

Masterful means imperious.
He was very masterful and would not entertain any argument.

Masterly means skilful.
He gave a masterly analysis of the whole situation.

Official and officious

Official means pertaining to an office.
The Governor made an official visit to the city.

Officious means ‘offering service that is not wanted’.
When I stayed in the Guest House I found the caretaker too officious.

Popular and populous

Popular means ‘liked by people’.
He is a popular actor.

Populous means ‘thickly populated’.
Mumbai is a populous city.

Industrial and industrious

Industrial means pertaining to industry.
In recent years the country has made remarkable industrial development.

Industrious means hardworking.
He is very industrious, but his brother is lazy.

Facilitate and felicitate

Facilitate means ‘make easy’.
Audio visual aids have facilitated the teaching of science subjects.

Felicitate means congratulate.
We held a meeting to felicitate Mr James on his winning the award for the best writer.