Words confused owing to faulty pronunciation

Words are often confused owing to faulty pronunciation. Note that in this lesson words in the same group which are marked with asterisks are pronounced alike. Example: flour*, flower*

The correct pronunciation is indicated by adding a well-known word in brackets which rhymes with the word whose pronunciation is often confused. Example: wick (sick). This means that the word ‘wick’ rhymes with the word ‘sick’.

Floor (rhymes with door)

A cat lies on the floor.

Flour*, flower* (rhymes with shower)

Bread is made of wheat flour.
Rose is a beautiful flower.

Weak*, week* (rhymes with leak)

His illness made him very weak.
There are seven days in a week.

Wick (rhymes with sick)

A oil lamp needs a wick.

Heir (pronounced exactly like ‘air’)

He is the heir to the throne.

Hair*, hare* (rhymes with care)

The baby looks very cute but it has no hair.
A hare looks like a big rabbit.

Wonder (rhymes with plunder)
Wander (rhymes with yonder)

I wonder why he is angry with me.
Gipsies wander over the country.

Advice (rhymes with nice) (noun)
Advise (rhymes with eyes) (verb)

He gave me some advice.
He advised me to save money.

Leave (rhymes with deceive)
Live (rhymes with give)

The train leaves at 9 am.
I live with my parents.

Quite (rhymes with white)
Quiet (rhymes with diet)

You are quite right.
He is a quiet boy.

Price (rhymes with nice)
Prize (rhymes with eyes)

What is the price of this book?
He won the first prize in the quiz competition.

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