One words exercise

1. The word used to refer to sinfulness; wickedness

a) Equity
b) Inequity
c) Iniquity
d) Equanimity
e) Parity

2. A statement that can have contradictory interpretations

a) Double entendre
b) Equivocation
c) Ambiguity
d) Anachronism
e) Incongruity

3. A highly accurate timepiece

a) Chronometer
b) Altimeter
c) Compass
d) Anemometer
e) Galactometer

4. Prediction by palm reading

a) Chiropody
b) Chirography
c) Chiromancy
d) Calligraphy
e) Cacography


1. Iniquity

Equity means fairness and justice. Inequity means unfairness. An iniquity is a sinful or immoral act. Equanimity is the evenness of temper. To maintain your equanimity is to control your emotions when everybody else is getting excited or angry. Parity means equality.

2. Double entendre

A double entendre is a statement that can have two different interpretations. And one of these interpretations is risqué or sexy. An equivocation is a statement that is purposely open to contradictory interpretations. An ambiguous statement can be misinterpreted. This is not purposeful. The word anachronism is used to refer to someone or somebody out of time. The word incongruity is used to refer to something out of place.

3. Chronometer

A chronometer is an accurate timepiece used on ships. An altimeter is an instrument used to measure height above sea level. A compass is an instrument that shows direction. An anemometer is an instrument used for measuring wind velocity. A galactometer is an instrument used for measuring the specific gravity of milk.

4. Chiromancy

Chiropody is the treatment of foot diseases. Chirography means beautiful handwriting. Chiromancy means prediction by hand-reading. Calligraphy means beautiful writing. Cacography means illegible handwriting.