Come and Go

Come is used for movements to the place where the speaker or hearer is or was or will be.

Will you come here, please? (Movement towards the speaker)
Yes, I am coming. (Movement towards the hearer)
Come and sit by me. (NOT Go and sit by me.)
Will you come and see me in hospital?

Come with

Come with can be used to talk about joining the speaker or hearer in a movement. For the movement itself we use go.

I am going to the library. Will you come with me? (NOT Will you go with me?) (= Will you join me in the movement to the library?)

Go is used for movements to other places.

He went to live in the hills. (Movement to a place where neither the speaker nor the hearer is at the moment of speaking.)
We went to see Peter and Ann.
He went to study in London.
We went to see him yesterday in hospital.
We went to see you in the office yesterday, but you weren’t in.

Come to

Come to can mean arrive at.

Go straight till you come to a crossroad.

Come from

Come from is used in the present tense to say where poeple’s homes are.

She comes from India.
Originally he comes from England, but he has lived in Mexico for ten years.