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Food and eating vocabulary

June 20th, 2013 in Vocabulary

Here is a list of words and phrases you will need to talk about food and eating. Explanations are given against each word.

A course

A course is one part of a meal. An elaborate meal may consist of six or eight courses.

A dish

A dish is a food item prepared in a particular way.


When you cook meat, juices come from it. Gravy is a type of sauce made from the juices of cooked meat mixed with flour.


Jelly is a sweet food made from fruit juice and sugar. It is soft to touch.

A stew

A stew is a type of dish made by cooking meat and vegetables in a liquid.

A dessert

Something sweet. A dessert is usually the last item in a meal.

A waiter

A person who serves food at a restaurant. A waitress is a woman who serves food.

A starter

A starter is a small amount of food. It is usually the first item in a meal.

A salad

A salad is a mixture of raw vegetables.

A main course

A main course is the biggest part of a meal.


Pasta is a type of Italian food made from flour and water. There are different types of pasta. Examples are: spaghetti and lasagne.


A soup is a liquid food made by boiling fish, meat or vegetables in water.

A fork

A fork is a metal or plastic object used for eating. A fork may have three or four sharp points on the end.


A solid food made from milk. It is usually yellow or white in color.


Spices are strong flavored substances made from plants. They are added to food to give it a special odor and taste. Examples are: coriander and cumin seeds