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English vocabulary exercise

June 23rd, 2013 in Vocabulary

In the following questions choose the word opposite in meaning to the word given in bold letters.

1. The company needs indigenous sources of oil and natural gas to increase its production.

a) alien

b) foreign

c) perennial

2. There was something strange and morbid about the place.

a) healthy

b) cheerful

c) disgusting

3. Don’t eat those stale buns.

a) fresh

b) new

c) tasty

4. The tremors caused extensive damage to the city.

a) restricted

b) limited

c) little

5. His meanness is proverbial.

a) kindness

b) generosity

c) timidity

6. This website provides a comprehensive guide to English grammar and writing.

a) casual

b) inadequate

c) superficial

7. His overt criticism of the project made him unpopular.

a) converse

b) covert

c) pervert

8. The last two scenes were completely improvised.

a) complete

b) pre-planned

c) proscribed

9. What we need is a pragmatic approach to problem solving.

a) realistic

b) theoretical

c) unconventional

10. He was criticized for his lack of gravity.

a) seriousness

b) generosity

c) levity


1. foreign

2. cheerful

3. fresh

4. limited

5. generosity

6. superficial

7. covert

8. pre-planned

9. theoretical

10. levity