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July 30th, 2016 in English Quiz

Against each keyword are given five suggested meanings. Choose the one opposite in meaning to the given word.

1. Esteem

a) respect
b) status
c) revere
d) mighty
e) disdain

2. Eternal

a) permanent
b) perpetual
c) transitory
d) immortal
e) celestial

3. Eulogistic

a) lovable
b) free
c) adore
d) critical
e) admirable

4. Euphonious

a) stingy
b) stringent
c) strident
d) lethargic
e) novice

5. Evitable

a) unavoidable
b) potable
c) imminent
d) immortal
e) angelic

6. Exalt

a) demote
b) ennoble
c) glorify
d) extol
e) pacify

7. Exasperate

a) please
b) annoy
c) disturb
d) confuse
e) threaten

8. Exculpate

a) acquit
b) guilty
c) accuse
d) accumulate
e) prevent

9. Execrable

a) mundane
b) excellent
c) foolhardy
d) physical
e) philosophical

10. Exhilarate

a) enlighten
b) rejuvenate
c) gladden
d) depress
e) please

11. Exhume

a) decipher
b) dig
c) integrate
d) inter
e) admit

12. Exonerate

a) distress
b) distinguish
c) blame
d) disburden
e) dislocate

13. Expedient

a) advantageous
b) culpable
c) courteous
d) palpable
e) disadvantageous

14. Extemporaneous

a) unmanly
b) spontaneous
c) rehearsed
d) without any preparation
e) humiliating

15. Extol

a) celebrate
b) eulogize
c) disgrace
d) praise
e) erect


1. disdain

2. transitory

3. critical

4. strident

5. unavoidable

6. demote

7. please

8. accuse

9. excellent

10. depress

11. inter

12. blame

13. disadvantageous

14. rehearsed

15. disgrace