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Expressions with pick

July 27th, 2016 in Improve English

Here is a list of idiomatic expressions with pick.

Pick and choose

To pick and choose is to select only the best from a number of options.

You won’t be allowed to pick and choose.

Pick someone’s brains

To pick someone’s brains is to obtain information from them.

The police are picking his brains.

Pick a fight

To pick a fight is to provoke a fight.

Don’t pick a fight with people you meet in a club or bar.

Pick holes in

To pick holes in something is to find fault with it.

Pick a lock

To pick a lock is to open a lock with something other than its key.

Pick someone’s pockets

To pick someone’s pockets is to steal something from their pocket.

Someone has picked my pockets.

Pick up

If something picks up, it improves or increases.

Mumbai local trains pick up speed in 3 minutes.

Pick someone up

To pick someone up is to go and collect someone.

Don’t forget to pick the kids up from school.

Pick something up

To pick something up is learn it.

Seniors find it hard to pick up basic computer skills.

Pick your way

To pick your way is to walk slowly and carefully.