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August 18th, 2016 in English Quiz

Against each key word are given five suggested meanings. Choose the word or phrase which isĀ opposite in meaning to the key word.

1. Callous

a) mannerly
b) hard
c) soft
d) sensitive
e) impressive

2. Calm

a) tempestuous
b) stupendous
c) serene
d) tranquil
e) none of these

3. Candid

a) miserly
b) sweet
c) secretive
d) openly
e) private

4. Capacious

a) captivating
b) charming
c) confining
d) redundant
e) redeeming

5. Capital

a) superior
b) super natural
c) bright
d) trivial
e) insolvent

6. Capricious

a) Vague
b) Vagary
c) Steadfast
d) Disenchanted
e) Disappointed

7. Captious

a) stupid
b) critical
c) tolerant
d) suffering
e) stimulating

8. Captivate

a) repel
b) seize
c) capture
d) enthrall
e) antagonize

9. Carnal

a) heavenly
b) spiritual
c) lecherous
d) libertine
e) licentious

10. Carnivorous

a) vegetarian
b) abstinent
c) ascetic
d) flesh eating
e) cannibal

11. Carousal

a) awakening
b) sobriety
c) acceleration
d) direction
e) productive

12. Carping

a) acquiescent
b) mean
c) corporal
d) limited
e) cultivating

13. Carte blanche

a) permitting
b) restricted
c) limited
d) poverty
e) impoverished

14. Catholic

a) narrow-minded
b) liberal
c) tolerant
d) empathetic
e) empowered

15. Caustic

a) pleasing
b) moral
c) mortal
d) remarkable
e) pungent

16. Celestial

a) mundane
b) heavenly
c) divine
d) superior
e) defamatory

17. Celibate

a) mature
b) promiscuous
c) married
d) culpable
e) cautionary

18. Centrifugal

a) centripetal
b) remarkable
c) descendent
d) ephemeral
e) lasting

19. Ceremonial

a) formal
b) informal
c) conventional
d) polished
e) sophisticated

20. Cessation

a) beginning
b) termination
c) gravity
d) composition
e) stoppage

21. Chaffing

a) achieving
b) serious
c) capitalistic
d) sneering
e) expensive

22. Chaotic

a) disordered
b) formless
c) mannerly
d) systematic
e) programmed

23. Charitable

a) selfless
b) kind
c) merciful
d) selfish
e) sophisticated

24. Chaste

a) modest
b) moral
c) pious
d) immoral
e) elegant

25. Chide

a) praise
b) scold
c) speak angrily
d) disapprove


1. sensitive

2. tempestuous

3. secretive

4. confining

5. trivial

6. steadfast

7. tolerant

8. repel

9. spiritual

10. vegetarian

11. sobriety

12. acquiescent

13. restricted

14. narrow-minded

15. pleasing

16. mundane

17. married

18. centripetal

19. informal

20. beginning
21. serious

22. systematic

23. selfish

24. immoral

25. praise