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Common idioms

August 23rd, 2016 in English Learning

Hit the nail on the head

To hit the nail on the head is to be exactly right.

Get hitched

To get hitched is to get married.

Go the whole hog

To go the whole hog is to do something fully.

Close to home

When a remark hits close to home, it is uncomfortably accurate.

Be hooked

When you are hooked to something, you are addicted to it.

By hook or by crook

To achieve something by hook or by crook is to achieve it by any possible means.

Off the hook

When you are off the hook, you are no longer in trouble.

Jump through hoops

To jump through hoops is to undergo a difficult test.

Not give a hoot

When you don’t give a hoot, you don’t care at all.

Hopping mad

When someone is hopping mad, they are very angry.

Stir up a hornet’s nest

To stir up a hornet’s nest is to cause difficulties to arise.

From the horse’s mouth

To hear something from the horse’s mouth is to hear it from the person directly concerned.

Hold your horses

To hold your horses is to wait a moment.

Hot under the collar

When you are hot under the collar, you are angry or annoyed.

In hot water

When you are in hot water, you are in deep trouble.

Get on like a house on fire

When two people get on like a house on fire, they enjoy a very good relationship.

Put your house in order

To put your house in order is to make necessary reforms.