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Direct and indirect speech

January 11th, 2017 in English Quiz

Sentences are given in direct speech. Change them into indirect (reported) speech.

1. Rahul said to Meera, ‘Will you marry me?’

2. I said to Veena, ‘You look nice.’

3. ‘I can’t swim,’ said Ravi.

4. Alice said, ‘I’m learning French.’

5. ‘I have forgotten to bring my textbook,’ said the boy.

6. Gauri said to Manu, ‘Your brother phoned.’

7. Rohan said, ‘I don’t like this party.’

8. My mother said to me, ‘You can’t go out now.’

9. Ravi says, ‘I don’t want to play anymore.’

10. He said, ‘I have had enough.’


1. Rahul asked Meera if she would marry him.

2. I told Veena that she looked nice.

3. Ravi said that he couldn’t swim.

4. Alice said that she was learning French.

5. The boy said that he had forgotten to bring his textbook.

6. Gauri told Manu that his brother had phoned.

7. Rohan said that he didn’t like that party.

8. My mother told me that I couldn’t go out then.

9. Ravi says that he doesn’t want to play anymore.

10. He said that he had had enough.