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Antonyms worksheet

January 1st, 2017 in Vocabulary

In the following questions choose a word that is opposite in meaning to the given keyword.

1. Impervious

a) not letting something through
b) resistant
c) solid
d) not responsive
e) flexible

2. Impetuous

a) spontaneous
b) momentum
c) deliberate
d) impulsive
e) staggering

3. Impiety

a) irreverence
b) recklessness
c) wickedness
d) piety
e) rational

4. Implacable

a) responsive
b) callous
c) that can be appeased
d) ruthless
e) incapable of being pacified

5. Implicate

a) connect
b) accuse
c) clear
d) improper
e) none of these

6. Implicit

a) understood
b) contained
c) inherent
d) embedded
e) explicit

7. Importunate

a) urgent or pressing
b) relenting
c) persistent
d) fortunate
e) demanding

8. Impromptu

a) off-the-cuff
b) unprepared
c) done spontaneously
d) extemporized
e) prepared

9. Improvident

a) sensible
b) reckless
c) profligate
d) wasteful
e) none of these

10. Impugn

a) clear
b) attribute
c) censure
d) charge
e) incapable

11. Inadvertent

a) premeditated
b) deliberate
c) unintentional
d) accidental
e) reckless

12. Inane

a) frivolous
b) rash
c) sensible
d) mindless
e) silly

13. Incessant

a) bounteous
b) nonstop
c) sporadic
d) ceaseless
e) constant

14. Inchoate

a) tentative
b) undeveloped
c) mature
d) choke
e) embryonic

15. Incipient

a) budding
b) just beginning
c) established
d) early
e) none of these


1. flexible

2. deliberate

3. piety

4. that can be appeased

5. clear

6. explicit

7. relenting

8. prepared

9. sensible

10. clear

11. deliberate

12. sensible

13. sporadic

14. mature

15. established