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It was raining cats and dogs

April 8th, 2017 in English Learning

Read the sample conversations given below. 

Story line: When Mary got home from work, she was dripping wet.

Mike: You’re so wet! You should have taken an umbrella.

Mary: I should have but I didn’t because the weather forecast said that it’d be a sunny day.

Mike: You can’t depend on the weather bureau. They seldom get it right. Don’t you know that?

Mary: You’re right. It wasn’t just any shower. It was raining cats and dogs.

Mike: Well, you had better change those wet clothes, or you’ll catch a cold.

Mary: I know.


The idiom It’s raining cats and dogs is used to refer to a heavy shower.

Conversation 2

A drought is going to set in.

Storyline: Susie and John are discussing the possibility of a drought.

Susie: We received very little rainfall this year. I think a drought is going to set in.

John: I, too, think so. Wells and ponds have already started drying up. And summer hasn’t arrived yet. I heard that the situation is even worse in the north.

Susie: That’s hardly surprising. This year the rainfall was only half the annual average.

John: Oh. That bad!

Susie: That’s right. I’m really concerned.

John: A drought will lead to inflation. We’re already struggling to make both ends meet. I don’t know how we’ll cope if the prices of essential items go up.

Susie: Let’s just hope that things wouldn’t get that worse.