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English for shopping at supermarkets

April 9th, 2017 in English Learning

Here are some English phrases you will find useful when shopping at the supermarket.

Questions the sales assistants might ask

Hello. How can I help you?

Hello. How may I help you?

Hello. Can I help you?

Hello. What can I do for you?

Are you looking for anything in particular, Sir?

Can I help you at all? (Very polite)

Finding and asking for items

Could you tell me where the meat section is?

Could you tell me where the milk is?

Where are the vegetables?

Do you sell fish?

Where are the fruits?

Where is the frozen food section?

I’d like a loaf of bread, please.

I’d like some fish, please.

I’d like a piece of cheese, please.

‘How much would you like?’ ‘750 grams / half a kilo / two kilos.’

I’m looking for a sweater / a Barbie doll / a calculator / etc.

I’m looking for children’s books. Where can I find them?

Do you sell watches / shoes / bags / skin care products / etc.?

I’m looking for a pair of shoes.

Can I try this on?

At the checkout

‘That’s $220 altogether. Do you need any help packing?’ ‘No, I can do it myself.’

Could I have a carrier bag, please?