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Talking about your studies

April 12th, 2017 in English Learning

If you are a student, the phrases and sentences given in this lesson will allow you to talk about your studies.

Asking for things

  • Have you got a spare pen  / pencil?
  • Are there any pencils in that box?
  • Are there any calculators?
  • Have you got an eraser?
  • Is there any paper left?
  • Can you lend me your pen?
  • Have you got some bloating paper?
  • Have you got a notepad?

Asking for information

  • Should I write on both sides of the paper?
  • Should I put labels on the diagram?
  • Which computer shall I use?
  • Can I use this computer?
  • Should I take a print-out?
  • How do you spell that word?
  • When is the lunch break?
  • What does the word ‘sophisticated’ mean?
  • When is my next lesson?

Asking for and giving explanations

The simplest way to ask for explanation is to start your question with Why?

  • Why does oil float when you pour it on water?
  • Why do I need to mix these two chemicals?
  • Why does Hamlet pretend to be mad?

The phrase Could you explain…? can also be used to ask your teacher to explain something.

  • Could you explain why plastic does not conduct electricity?
  • Could you explain why oil floats when you pour it on water?
  • Could you explain why iron rusts?

To ask for a reason, use the phrase What is the reason…?

  • What is the reason for the poet’s unhappiness?